cheesy chicken and pea risotto with mushrooms recipe

The trickiest thing about cooking a risotto is that you have to stand over it, stirring, the entire time you’re cooking it. You can’t walk away from it. Other than that it is a lot simpler than you may think.

Take two large bowls, one metal, one any kind. Fill up a kettle to the top and set it to boil. You want to fill the metal bowl with at least five cups of boiling water. (optional: supplement half of the water with dry white cheap wine.) Crumble three chicken oxo cubes into the metal bowl, then pour in the boiling water.

Open your packet of Arbello rice and pour 400gms into the other bowl.

Chop the top and end of an onion, peel it, then slice and dice.

Put a pot of water on to boil and take your frozen peas out of the freezer.

Heat up your frying pan on high, when it’s emitting heat, drop in 50g of butter.

Then add your onion.

Stir until your onion is translucent or starting to brown.

Turn your element right down to medium heat. Take the pan off the heat, and stir your onion until it stops spitting and going nuts.

Then put it back on the heat and add all of your rice.

When the pot is boiling, add your frozen peas and cook for 3 minutes then drain.

Now start with just ½ cup of oxo gravy (and wine), pour into the pan and start stirring that rice, keep stirring until the rice has absorbed all of the liquid. Keep doing this one cup at a time, and finish with half a cup, until you’ve added five cups. As you do this, do not add another cup until all of the liquid from the last time, has been absorbed. After five, you can stop adding gravy mixture.

When you are dipping your measuring cup into the bowl to pick up gravy, try to get as much of the thick stock at the bottom in your cup as possible – we want lots of flavour.

Next you want to add ½ cup of grated parmesan, the peas and a big bag of shredded chicken (400g max) stir the rice mixture a bit and now you can chop some mushrooms. Add them too. Turn the heat up slightly and taste your rice. It should be soft but still has a bit of a crunch to it. Stir the rice mixture until it becomes sloppy – 5 to 10mins. You can taste when it’s done, the rice will have no crunch and the mixture will have a sticky texture.

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