sophisticated essays and reviews + recipes for the average Joe/Joanna

recipes that are easy to understand and follow with yummy and filling results. reviews that are cynical yet fair. ranty essays that are fun to read.

Why You’ll Love Us

There is no one writing about food and culture today, with my particular collection of attributes and experience. On the surface: I’m picky, eccentric and educated/sophisticated in my taste. (read: a bit of an intellectual snob.) Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that I’m also nostalgic, forward-thinking and gentle (also obsessed with dismantling the details) with my fixations on certain material that excels, and sometimes transcends boundaries. I want you to enjoy and find use in what you read here, and I think you will.

  • Sophisticated
  • Eccentric
  • Easy to Read
  • Variety
  • Free

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